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7 Overlooked Factors You Must Consider When Buying a Watch In Dubai

7 Overlooked Factors You Must Consider When Buying a Watch In Dubai

Are you looking to buy a watch in Dubai? If yes, you might be doing your research. This might help you make an informed purchase. Sadly, most people tend to look at obvious factors when doing their research before making a purchase such as style, type, price and features but tend to overlook some key factors that are also as important.

If you are one of those people then this article is for you. In this article, you will learn about seven overlooked factors that you should also consider when you buy watches in Dubai.

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7 Overlooked Factors You Must Consider When Buying a Watch In Dubai

1. Cultural Sensitivity:

2. Weather Resistance:

3. Service and Maintenance:

4. Customs and Import Duties:

5. Strap Material:

6. International Warranty:

7. Value Retention:

7 Overlooked Factors You Must Consider When Buying a Watch In Dubai

Here are seven things that are often overlooked by buyers when purchasing a watch in Dubai.

1.  Cultural Sensitivity:

Dubai is a metropolitan city where people from different cultures live. It not only has its own customs and traditions. There are certain things that are considered taboo in their culture that might seem normal in the west. That is why it is imperative that you know about the culture, traditions and customs before sporting a watch publicly.

Make sure the watch design you choose does not violate cultural norms and traditions as well help you make a style statement.You need to strike a perfect balance instead of compromising on one at the cost of the other.Always analyze the social setting and choose a watch accordingly.

2.  Weather Resistance:

Mercury can soar to 50 degrees Centigrade during hot summer months in Dubai. You want to watch something that is able to withstand scorching heat during the summer season. When you are out and about in the hot sun, you might be sweating and if the watch is not capable of resisting humidity and high temperatures, then it will get damaged. You don’t want to splurge on a watch than to see it get damaged within a month. You want it to keep it for a long haul. That is why you should always invest in a watch that offers weather resistance.

3.  Service and Maintenance:

Watches can be expensive especially if you opt for a luxury one. Not only that, it can even put a huge dent on your wallet when you go for a repair. That is why it is better to look at the service and maintenance cost of a watch before purchasing it. Is it covered under a warranty? If so, how long is it and what’s covered and what’s not covered under this warranty.

Another thing that is worth paying attention to is the availability of the service center. How many service centers are there and how far are they from your location? What about service quality? How quick and easy it is to avail the service? Answering all these questions will help you decide whether it is worth investing your hard earned money on a particular watch brand or not.

Just like cars, watches also require regular maintenance to function properly for long periods of time. Presence of service centers near your location can make the process more convenient as you can easily go and get your watch maintained and come back.

Compare that to watch brands whose service center is not even located in your city or far away from your home. You will think twice before taking the trip to get your watch serviced even if it is damaged. In fact, you might even think about buying a new, cheaper watch instead of getting the current one fixed.

4.  Customs and Import Duties:

Let’s say you are a fan of swiss watches and want to import one from Switzerland because the watch you want is not available in Dubai. If that is the case, you will have to be aware of the import duties and custom duty. You should also familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations to prevent any unforeseen situation.

Even though Dubai is tax free for the most part, heavy custom and import duties apply on expensive and luxury items such as watches. Double check the amount you have to pay in terms of import duty and custom duty as it adds up to the overall cost of your watches.

5.  Strap Material:

As mentioned before in the article, Dubai temperature can go as high as 50 degrees on hot summer days. This means that you can not opt for a leather watch as it is not the ideal material for your watch especially in Dubai’s scorching hot weather. Similar metal and rubber materials can also not be the best option because metal is a great conductor of heat and can get unbearingly hot.

On the other hand, extreme heat and constant exposure to sun can make the rubber melt. That is why you should be extremely cautious about choosing strap material for your watch in Dubai’s extreme climatic conditions.

6.  International Warranty:

If you have imported the watch, it might come with an international warranty. On the other hand, local watches tend to offer local warranties. If you are a frequent traveler who hop from country to country every now and then then you are better off investing in a watch that offers international warranty as it is applicable everywhere in the world. Even if your watch breaks down when you are traveling, you can claim your warranty in any country and get your watch fixed.

7.  Value Retention:

Some people look at luxury watches as an investment. If you are one of them, then you should also be worried about the value retention of the watch you are planning to buy. Some brands and watches tend to do a much better job when it comes to retaining its value over time as compared to others.

If value retention is your priority, you should choose your watch brand and model carefully. Do some research on which watch brands and models tend to depreciate the fastest and slowest. This will give you a clear idea about which watch you should spend your money on and which ones to avoid. Which of these factors do you ignore when buying a watch? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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